Michael Pitman
Software Manager

I am looking for a strong Rails developer to join my team in MelbourneA�

You know that passion, people and feedback are just as important as knowing the difference between a LAMP stack and a lava lamp (though these make great build lights!) You know that Go and Clojure are shinier than RoR and Java, but they are all useful tools for the right job. You know how to make great software, and we’re looking for you!A�

At Internet Business Systems Australia (the Bryk Group), we know that our greatest strength is the quality of our people. We are looking for A�people to join our community and to help us with our work on new and existing projects.

While we work with many technologies to fit in with our customers, right now your Ruby on Rails knowledge will be invaluable. As a developer of quality software you’ll demand automated testing, and so do we.

You love success and to achieve goals. You also know that true project success is about business success and collaboration between stakeholders, not dogmatism. You will also love to talk in front of a whiteboard. It almost goes without saying that you’ll have good oral and written communications skills. You’ll be able to work both independently and in a team, either at our office or at a client site.A�

If that sounds like you, and you want to work with a team that is second to none, then we need to talk.



Recruitment: +613 8807 5222