Project Manager

Ashley Wolff
GM – Customer Experience

I am looking for a great project manager to join my delivery team.
What I mean by great is someone who just quietly and efficiently gets the job done.A�

Specifically I am looking for someone that possesses the following abilities:


  • Good commercialA�skills
  • An good knowledge of the softwareA�development process
  • The brains to know when he/she does not understand
  • The sense to ask

Team Player

  • The ability to communicate with business analysts and developers in a way that they understand
  • Doesn’t assume that technical tasks are trivial
  • Ability to work with highly intelligent and talented people

Client Skills

  • Instills confidence in ability to deliver
  • Can clearly communicate with client
  • Can put themselves in the client’s shoes
  • Has the sense to admit fault or stand ground when needed

If you think you meet these criteria, I would love to hear from you.



Recruitment: +613 8807 5222