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Australia 3.0 Forum and Virtual Round-Table Discussion

Australia 3.0 Debates Digital Productivity – May 2013 

IBSA CEO, David Brykman said today “I am looking forward to participating in this important event, that will help shape the thinking of our Industry”.Australi

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SharePoint 3rd Party Solutions – Trick or Treat?

By Ian Tait
Sharepoint Consultant

The SharePoint platform is continuing to increase its penetration into the business landscape, and with it a whole ecosystem of third-party add-ons (commonly referred to as Third Party Solution… read more

“Professional” Managers – Do They Need to Understand?

By Jim Karabatsos
Principal Consultant

I recently read an article by Joel Spolsky over on Joel on Software (a site you really should bookmark). Joel reminisces about the time he had his First BillG Interview where he had to present the spec f… read more

“Pure” Design is just Silly – This is What’s Broken

James Michaelson
Frustrated Developer

There’s something fundamentally broken with the whole software development industry. And no, I am not talking about the process of creating software itself. I am talking about the way we int… read more

Too many levels of Abstraction – The Generation Gap

Jim Karabatsos
Principal Consultant

I have been reading a great book over the past couple of days. It is called The Best Software Writing I and I picked it up at the local bookshop when I dropped in to browse as I am wont to do on the odd occasion. R… read more

WordPress V’s Drupal

By Nick Kind, Multimedia Consultant

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