Best Practice

Partnership Approach

IBSA believes in a partnership approach to client engagements which involves both IBSA and client teams working together. In collaboration with our major client partners we have incorporated, and in some cases jointly developed, valuable Best Practice. This Best Practice is available to ongoing engagements through our in-house knowledge system as well as out-of-the box processes incorporated within the product.

Global Model

Using Australia as a base, FinanceManager was developed for the global market, with capabilities to address the requirements of multiple langauges, multiple currencies and multiple business regimes. We have combined our Local Knowledge & Network with our global business partners to create a truly global capability. Systems have been implemented for Australia, Europe, Africa, New Zealand and Asia.


FinanceManager is proven. Having been audited multiple times by the top tier Audit firms, it has been found to be compliant with all key regulation. It represents a low risk for Leasing & Lending organisations.

Product Roadmap 

We are experienced in the delivery of mission-critical enterprise class solutions. FinanceManager is designed and developed to a relase regime that ensures that it is Maintainable with an upgrade path.