Sales & CRM

Our Sales and Customer Management solutions start where traditional CRM solutions stop. Since the late 1990′s, IBSA has worked with numerous organisations such as General Motors and  NEC and to improve their Sales processes and Customer Management Processes.

We understand the challenges and sensitivities faced by the Customer-Facing Organisation and have built up a suite of solutions that can dramatically improve Sales results and the efficiency of customer processes.

A selection of our solutions includes:

Opportunity Management: A solution that facilitates collaboration on major opportunities that might be identified by you or the channel. Sensitivity relating to preserving territory and ownership are managed with appropriate access control. The entire process is supported by reports and analytics.

Virtual Sales System: A video conference solution married with demographic-based marketing and sales order processing. Utilising only a 3G (or better) internet connection and a device with a browser, this system can extend the reach of your sales organisation.

Commssions Management System: This system allows you to administer basic and advanced incentive arrangement. Create sofisticated commission structures, manage commissions payments and report on performance.

Customer Retention System:  Record, Monitor, Escalate, Action and Report on customer feedback across your entire organisation. Supporting multi-facetted businesses, this system allows each division to customise the data requirements to their own unique line of business. Reporting supports Root Cause Analysis.

Customer Self-Service Portal: This solution exposes back-office functions such as account look-up and change of address to open up external systems directly to customers, while maintaining security, access control and performance. Our portal solutions can be configured to work with a multitude of back-end systems and provide an excellent means of complementing traditional customer service staff.

Channel Management: A solution that allows you to maintain communication with your channel. Share information, sales collateral and other documents, but most importantly constantly update and refresh information. A variety of tools support management processes such as budgeting & forecasting, rostering and forms processing.

A strength of all of our Sales and Customer Management solutions is that we are able to integrate them with your existing operational systems, to maximise the operational efficiency of the underlying process.