Application Architecture

IBSA has experience in design of Application Architectures for a range of clients, from financial institutions and government authorities to community organisations. Depending on the nature, timing and level of our engagement, we have provided Application Architecture services ranging from analysis and design of individual components through to enterprise-level architectural reviews and designs.

The IBSA Difference: All our architects have real-world practical development and design experience. They have worked on multiple projects involving a range of technologies. While we keep abreast of the constant changes in technology, our philospohy of practical design, our ability to evaluate technologies and our extensive knowledge base enable us to ensure the best technology fit and design is achieved.

Many of our Architects have experience as far back as mainframe batch-oriented systems that communicated between components using magnetic tape. Since its commencement in 1999, IBSA has focused on systems where the components interface using direct communications, enterprise service bus architectures or Service Oriented Architectures. In most cases, components from different vendors, of different age and design and sometimes on different infrastructure, need to be integrated to provide the enterprise with the required functional and operational facilities.

Recent projects where IBSA has played a major role in Application Architecture include the design and development of a Wholesale Finance System for motor car dealers, requiring successful integration and communication with Financier internal finance management systems, General Ledger, external auditing providers, car manufacturer ordering systems, car importers financial systems, car dealership management systems and loan origination systems.

Another project involved the design and documentation of an energy efficiency and green rating system for large tenancy buildings (such as office buildings and shopping centres). It needed to integrate with existing real estate trust portfolio management systems and to be used as the basis of international comparisons of investment ratings.

The majority of IBSA’s projects involve the activities of one or more of our Architects, and all our service offerings are integrated with this section of our practice.