IBSA provides the full spectrum of services for your software development needs. We are happy to assist you with any and all components of your project. Whether it be assisting in the initial feasibility investigation, requirements gathering and buy-vs-build analysis, or in the design, delivery, implementation or ongoing hosting and support of your project, we have people with the right experience to help ensure that your project is a success.

The delivery of software systems has changed radically over recent times. Not only is the technology becoming more powerful at an exponential rate, the types of systems users are expecting is changing to include more interoperability and social elements than ever before. The challenges facing software development projects now, more than ever, relate to the fast-changing nature of the business world and user expectations

While there are still many projects that have a requirement for a strictly linear process where all design decisions are made up front, then frozen for the duration of the project, most business applications today need to respond more quickly to changing business, technical and user landscapes. For this reason, more than a decade ago, we pioneered the use in Australia of an at that time radical approach called Agile development.

Today, there is a range of different approaches to agile development and a large number of software development organisations are adopting them. What sets IBSA apart is that our long-term experience means that we are able to deploy a very pragmatic blend of agile and traditional processes, taking care to customise the right process for each project. Factors such as project size and time-frame, legislative and regulatory frameworks, organisational constraints and problem complexity and risk are all important inputs into the type of process that will maximise the chances of project success.

Another major factor that affects how software development is done today is the ability to leverage pre-developed sub-systems and components. Quite apart from building upon great development frameworks that handle much of the standard functionality, we are often able to incorporate entire applications as part of a custom solution, enabling us to deliver working software in very short time-frames and with very high confidence. A common practice, for example, is the inclusion of a Content Management System (CMS) as part of a solution, thereby saving significant time and money while simultanously offering more functionality. We are experts at evaluating and selecting from amongst the very best of both proprietary and open-source alternatives.