Product Rescue

We help organisations get their product or project back on track if things are not running smoothly or after things have gone terribly wrong. The problem may be technical, commercial or management/process related. Whatever the reason, IBSA is committed to helping organisations successfully deliver, operate and support their solution, even if it means fixing someone else’s mess.

The important thing to know is: There is a solution out there to help you and provide you with a way forward.

We have the confidence in our experience and capabilities to engage in what others might consider “risky”. We understand how to get to diagnose the issues and we have experts, strategies and processes to Rescue the situation.

Our Independence and extensive experience and knowledge in the Management, Commercial and Technical facets of delivery, enable us to assist you with every aspect of your situation. 

Situations where we can help:

  • Your service provider is no longer available (or willing and able) to support you
  • Liquidation, Administration and Receivership scenarios
  • Continual inability of your service provider to deliver
  • Catastrophic technical failure or cascading failures
  • Relationships have deteriorated and become unreconcilable
  • Internal failures

Examples of situations we have Rescued:

  • Large finance company (over $500M processed annually) engaged an off-shore entity to consolidate 2 major sales-aid platforms (ie instead of buying goods outright, this product provides a line of credit, including nothing to pay for the first 18 months). Product was crashing every few hours (with resultant data loss), help desk was overwhelmed, product was so slow as to be almost unusable. IBSA deployed 3 teams: Support team to bolster day-to-day operations, Stabilisation Team to bring about short term stability and a Remedial team to correct root cause faults.
  • Large Mortgage funder, exposed by broker who acted fraudulently. Administrators took control of all IT, information and personnel. IBSA provided forensic technical activity to recover sizeable mortgage loan book and supporting artefacts to facilitate servicing/collecting the loan book and transfer from foreign juristiction to home office.
  • Large Lending Institution fell dangerously behind in one stream of work that threatened to delay a $30M program of work. IBSA took over that stream and brought back into line so as not to jeopardise overall program.
  • Large eCommerce site couldn’t launch because service provider continually delayed and then required unacceptable fee to continue. IBSA took over and delivered to go-live in 6 weeks.
  • Large eCommerce provider encountered irreconcilable differences with service provider and needed ongoing support and maintenance from alternate party.
  • Small eCommerce provider needed ongoing support and maintenance from alternate party, as existing provider was no longer available
  • Major venue had built a car park management application and had lost staff with knowledge of system.