DEECD Case Management System

Work Undertaken

The Case Management System (CMS) was developed as a result of the recommendations made by the Ombudsman Victoria, in his report – Review of Department of Education and Training Complaint Handling against Australian Standard Complaint Handling 4269-1995.

The report identified the need for the Department to adopt a centralised data collection system that would allow the Department to monitor, evaluate and report on its parent complaints handling performance.

Additionally the system would provide the capacity to track and manage parent complaints, and more specifically, but not limited to, those that may become protracted or complex.

CMS was developed and became operational mid-2009, with a pilot of the system undertaken by the Western Metropolitan Region in the latter half of the year. Further to this, training in the use of, and access to system, was provided to all regional users and these regions commenced using CMS in the 2010 school year.

Enhancements to the CMS were implemented in 2012 to ensure the system operates in an optimal manner for both central and regional office staff. At the same time the platform was upgraded to SharePoint 2010. 


The complexity of this project arose from the need to address system functional enhancements and technical requirements. The technical requirements included enhanced privacy and security in addition to a platform version upgrade.

There was also a need to engage with regional users to endure that their level of satisfaction with the project deliverables was sufficiently high. 

Usage of the system remains high and it continues to be enhanced and supported as required by DEECD and IBSA.