Most projects in which we are involved have some requirement for integration.  This varies from a simple data feed into our out of a new system, to a project where the primary focus is on the design and implementation of a solution to integrate several existing, disparate systems in order to extract additional value and critical business intelligence from the data each contains.

The IBSA Difference 

At IBSA, we are experts and integrating with and between different systems. Over the course of many engagements, we have needed to integrate with systems on many platforms (from legacy mainframes to data held in standalone devices and everything in-between) and using a variety of approaches.  We have experience in a wide range of technologies and approaches including Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), different Single Sign On (SSO) options as well as custom approaches such as the development of custom web front ends to integrate data from several systems into a seamless user experience.

We have an expert knowledge of standard integration tool sets and engines and can use these when indicated.  However, we go much further than that, because we know that there is no single technology or approach that is correct and appropriate in all circumstances.

Our Approach

Our expert staff work with your people (and other vendors if available) to clarify the integration requirements and seek opportunities for adding value by streamlining or automating various workflow options.

We will then design an overall integration architecture, taking into account the technical attributes of the systems participating in the integration work, the available technical and organisational infrastructure, known and anticipated future requirements and the schedule and budgetary constraints.

Services to Assist