NAB – Mortgage Broker Platform

Work Performed

The mortgage business of NAB embarked on an exciting Program of Works to consolidate, enhance and expand its Broker Applications and Platforms. The starting point was the design and implementation of a single lending platform to operate across all broker groups (including NAB, Plan, Fast and Choice). The consolidated group was in excess of 6,500 broker operators and more than 12,000 users.

Until this project these groups utilised separate Broker platforms, based on disparate technology platforms.

This Program of work included the following streams:

  • Portal
  • Sales Tools
  • Products
  • Customer Relationship Management – evaluation, selection, implementation and integration
  • Portfolio Management
  • eLodgement
  • Commissions Management
  • ERP integration

The objectives of the Program were to:

  • Deliver a consolidated platform
  • Achieve a high degree of user acceptance/satisfaction from your key stakeholders including brokers and key users
  • Create an enduring ‘barrier to exit’ by members of the Broker Networks
  • Achieve human resource management goals including retaining staff with valuable business experience, building new skill sets and a sustainable team


This project presented a complex environment comprising:

  • The engagement of IBSA in multiple simultaneous streams of work
  • A muti-discipline team comprising Architects, Managers, Analysts, Designers, Developer and Testers
  • Multiple technologies
  • Multiple stakeholders 

The project was successful as demonstrated by: 

  • Timely and visible progress, perceived by key stakeholders
  • Achievement of delivery milestones
  • Choosing the shortest/smartest route to success including re-use where appropriate
  • High quality, experienced and productive resources
  • Flexibility and Agility – ability to adapt to change

The IBSA difference

During this project IBSA brought to bear a number of specialised elements including:

  • Knowledge of Lending and Broker systems – based on its own Finance Manager suite – specifically “New Business” areas such as Sales Tools, Origination and Credit
  • Extensive experience in the Online solutions and Integration services
  • Recognised expertise in delivery methodology including Agile, Hybrid and other more Traditional Methods
  • A network of partnerships with industry leaders E.g. Veda, Verizon, Cybertrust, and others
  • Highly specialised complementary services. E.g. Usability and User-Centred Design, Data Migration, Test Automation.