Veda – Web Portal and MyCreditFile

Work Performed

Veda provides credit reporting services to the consumer and business communities of Australia and New Zealand.  Their web site content management system (CMS) was unable to meet their business requirements and the automated processing of consumer credit file purchase transactions was both unintuitive and error prone, as it largely mirrored the requirements of the legacy back-end application processes to which it interfaced.  This resulted in a high percentage of drop-outs, where potential customers were failing to complete transactions.

Our brief was three-fold:

  • Replace the CMS with one that could manage the varied requirements of the business units and that would form the basis of further web development for the enterprise
  • Integrate CMS with legacy back-end systems
  • Streamline the transaction work-flow to maximise the conversion rate of user transactions

We conducted a series of workshops to gather the requirements of the various user groups within the enterprise and presented a shortlist of CMS candidates together with our ultimate recommendation.  The recommended CMS system was a good fit for the user requirements of the CMS and, was in keeping with the standard technology stack already in use within the organisation.

Working to an agreed visual design and information architecture, IBSA then implemented a range of specific templates and content types for the CMS to enable simple and intuitive management of the content using business-oriented concepts and terminology.


IBSA worked with Veda technical staff to design a service-based interface to their legacy back-end systems that enabled us to build a streamlined web user interface for the transactional requirements of the site.  IBSA designed and developed a simplified work-flow process for the transactions and implemented them as custom modules for  the CMS, thereby allowing the sites overall theme to be inherited directly by the transactional pages and for the layout those pages to be maintainable using the CMS’s visual editing tools.

IBSA provided full user training for all content authors (in both Australia and New Zealand) and also conducted a technology transfer sessions to bring Veda technical staff across the system design and development tool-chains. Subsequent support and maintenance services were also provided.


  • Veda went live with the new sites (Australia, NZ and “mycreditfile”) within agreed timeframes. 
  • The implementation of the new sites immediately saw a doubling of the conversion rate of user transactions.
  • Further work with the content is now much more agile and simple on account of the new CMS.
  • Analysis of the improved statistics available and consequential action has allowed Veda to make on-going month-on-month improvements on the conversion rates.
  • Veda’s satisfaction with this project was evident in the award of another CMS project for another wholly-owned business unit.