Change Management

IBSA’s Knowledge Management function extends beyond simply training delivery. Inherent in all our assignments is the directive to leave you with a full understanding of the business processes we have developed and deployed. Formal Training Delivery is but one of the methods we use for Change Management.

Other ways we achieve this are through :

  • End-User Adoption Programmes
  • A Knowledge Transfer Plan – This Plan represents the agreement between you and IBSA as to how the Practitioners will transfer their knowledge and experience in the service they are engaged to provide to your nominated representatives. The Knowledge Transfer Plan is a point of pride for IBSA and a differentiator of the level and quality of our service delivery.
  • Providing thought-leadership where you seek innovation and expertise
  • Providing Mentorship via workshops, team interaction etc.
  • Project function that identifies, qualifies, gathers and stores knowledge assets and standards developed by the Team.
  • We conduct Assignment Brief/Debrief sessions and Post Implementation Reviews.
  • A comprehensive Communications Strategy.
  • Active participation by you in Project activities as required.
  • Execution of a Structured Training Strategy where required.
  • Business participation/execution of Quality assurance processes and checkpoints.
  • Business ownership and resolution of issues and risk identification and mitigation.
  • Business ownership of Project tasks and direct participation.
  • Business ownership of quality Project Deliverables.