Corporate Responsibility

Charitable Fund

IBSA has, for over a decade, operated an active charity program which supports up to 100 organisations annually including educational institutions, medical organisations, aged care and the disadvantaged in Australia and overseas. Our greatest focus is on supporting the needy.


Industry Development

As a way of supporting our industry, encouraging growth and ‘giving back’, IBSA sponsors a number of conferences and user groups across Australia. Prior sponsorship includes: Melbourne XP Users Group, Java User’s Group, Scala Users Group and CIO Forum.

We are actively involved with the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA). For example, our CEO is the Victorian branch treasurer. This organisation provides critical support to the ICT industry in terms of policy, advocacy, support programmes and networking.

We participate in numerous government surveys and consultation forums. Examples include Emergency 2.0, the Minister’s Working Party on eServices and the Department of Business and Innovation’s survey of the Victorian ICT industry.

In August 2012, we participated in the Victorian Government Purchasing Board’s Industry Consultation Forum: Improving procurement outcomes for government and business in Victoria. This forum is one of the pre-cursors to the Victorian Government Purchasing Board’s introduction of a new procurement framework to improve the way the Victorian Government procures goods and services.  The new reforms aim to streamline procurement processes, ensure standards of probity are maintained and encourage equity and greater access for local suppliers and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to government procurement opportunities.

We are currently assessing our Industry Development programme for 2013 and expect to make some announcements shortly. Watch this space.



IBSA are committed to a sustainable environment and comply with relevant legislation and requirements to prevent pollution. We seek to understand the effects our activities have on the environment and to continually improve our environmental performance by supporting initiatives such as:

  • Waste Minimisation
  • Recycling of natural resources
  • Reduction of material and energy consumption
  • Actions to prevent accidental pollution