Our Quality Program


Internet Business Systems Australia (IBSA) has adopted world leading quality assurance processes, and built quality measures and controls, to implement the IBSA Quality Program into every part of its business. IBSA proudly continues to achieve the highest levels of quality in its professional services and software/product development.

Quality Goals

IBSA has a number of key quality goals. Overall, IBSA strives to meet a number of critical levels in terms of its delivery of services and products, and its ability to service and support customers and partners.

Our quality approach is based around the same core elements of quality as the six-sigma program, which are the customer, process and employee.

IBSA recognises the importance of each of these 3 elements, and continues to strive to maintain the highest levels of quality in each of them.

The Program

IBSA has adopted a number of key quality programs and massaged them for the local environment and to specifically address quality issues within software and services. IBSA continues to ensure it is an organisation that is focused on its customers and is data driven.

Some of the elements to the IBSA Quality Program include:

  • Measurements at every stage and in every element of a project, to measure, monitor and report on levels of quality.
  • Staff to have training and exposure to world leading quality programs. All staff are trained on quality processes, the importance of quality and are regularly assessed on ways they have been able to build and achieve quality in their day to day processes.
  • Implement specific quality steps into core processes.
  • Regular participation in key industry seminars and conferences that relate to relevant process improvement and quality programs in all aspects of developing software.
  • Recognising that while perfect quality may not be achieved, near-perfect quality is essential, and that processes continually need to be measured, reviewed and improved.