Waterfall Development

While it is true that we feel that the use of Agile development practices is often a sensible choice for the development of software, we are by no measure zealous advocates of that approach. In many cases, the strict and rigorous approach of a more traditional, sequential, gated process (often loosely termed a “waterfall approach”) is indeed called for.

Sometimes, the requirements really are fixed in concrete and cannot change. Sometimes, the development of the software is proceeding in parallel with other components that are inherently less able to accommodate changes (as, for example, in the development of hardware).  And sometimes, organisational constraints simply require a more traditional approach.

In cases like these,  we are more than happy to work within your requirements.  We have experience in both PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) and PMBOK (Project Management Body Of Knowledge) methodologies and the associated activities and document requirements, and we can ensure that all the check-boxes are ticked.  

We can even propose a blended approach, where certain agile processes can be introduced and integrated into a traditional project in order to achieve significant benefits while maintaining the required documentation path and gated process requirements of the organisation.