Real estate agents have been given notice with the launch of, a site that helps consumers deal direct, using the motto “sell it yourself and save”.

CEO Peter Butterss has research suggesting that within two years between 5 and 10 per cent of people will sell direct (which equates to approximately 50,000 to 100,000 homes a year).

He may be on to something. You only have to look at what occurred when discount online share broking was introduced to see how eagerly consumers embrace technology (and dirt cheap commissions). Internet brokers now account for one in every four transactions on the market.

IBSA was approached to takeover the development of this site when its original IT provider and developer found it could not produce the innovative business objectives required. The site is now up and running successfully and IBSA continue to provide Support and Maintenance services for the application, and Hosting services for the infrastructure.

Relevance of work to the required services:

As part of the maintenance & support agreement, IBSA provided all the necessary support and maintenance services core to the SLA, namely:

  • Ability to log issues/call on the Issue Tracking service
  • Regular support management reports
  • Scheduled software server maintenance
  • Scheduled monitoring and usage reporting
  • Management of all system updates
  • Management of upgrades to applications
  • Installation and testing of patch releases

In addition we provided a number of key planning and consultancy services including

  • Documentation of Operations and Governance Plans
  • Design and build a 64 bit server infrastructure
  • Migrate the information portal to the new environment with no user downtime
  • Design, development, implementation and support of a number of enterprise workflows