Green Plus

Green Plus, Product Strategy

Brief description of work undertaken:

Environmental Earth Sciences has been providing environmental solutions since 1983. It incorporates The Centre for Contaminant Geosciences and GreenPlus Property Services, which specialises in holistic environmental assessment and ongoing environmental management for buildings.

Greenplus identified a service they wished to take to market. It required development of software that allowed both automated capture and manual input of data, calculations on that data, and presentation of the results in various formats to various customer stakeholder groups. The initial engagement was to:

  • Assess the initial work performed by a third party, assess various risks and identify options going forward
  • Reasearch and assess any COTS software available and determine the suitability of its platform
  • Determine the minimum feature set for an initial release
  • Perform a gap analysis
  • Evaluate level of effort to enable initial release
  • Liaise with relevant stakeholders to determine business drivers
  • Define total strategy and report recommendations to GreenPlus board, including cost and time estimates
  • Prepare functional specifications

Complexity of services:

The project involved strategic advice relating to the commercial arrangements and physical architecture in place. The product was based on an existing third party application which was being extended as required. The issues of concern were:

  • delivery
  • technical issues and technical architecture
  • supplier relationship
  • IP protection
  • financial arrangements

We produced a presentation and report which advised on:

  • commercial strategy (IP protection, supplier negotiations, risk assessment etc)
  • practical steps for protection
  • assessed current project and go forward plan
  • assessed their product and marketing strategy and advised changes
  • assessed current architecture and proposed a future architecture