Tennis Australia

Tennis Australia (TA) is the governing body of tennis within Australia, linking to over 2600 member clubs. They promote tennis at all levels, and also conduct national and international tournaments including: the Davis Cup, Federation Cup and the Australian Open.

TA had communication and cultural issues in respect to their existing intranet. All documents and communications were based upon a complex set of file shares not utilised by staff. There was a culture of sending files via email to communicate key issues resulting in no single repository for documents effectively preventing any sort of document management system.

IBSA was engaged to assist in a process to improve organisational communication and a change of culture. TA is extremely brand conscious and thus any new forms of communication had to also reflect that brand.

IBSA recommended a strategic communication platform with a view to providing a communication and collaboration channel for staff within a short timeframe. This initial implementation allowed TA to understand the process and opportunity, take ownership in the solution, review and appraise the solution and understand the future potential offered.

TA also sought the assistance of IBSA to analyse the current environment and provide a recommendation for an upgrade to SharePoint Server 2010 using best practices. IBSA was engaged to design, develop and implement an upgraded Intranet and Extranet solution for Tennis Australia.

What we did

We delivered:

Tennis Australia Intranet to service the publishing and collaboration needs of staff and 2600 Member Associations and a separate Australian Open Intranet (numbering over 1,200 users at peak).

Australian Open Extranets for

  • Print Media
  • Electronic Media (Radio and Television), and
  • Brand Sponsors

As part of the project implementation, IBSA undertook all key services including:

  • Installation of software and services on separate testing, development and production environments
  • Configuration of software environments
  • Development, documentation and execution of User Acceptance Test Plans
  • Effective Change Management Services, and
  • Ongoing maintenance, support and warranty services

IBSA undertook project integration activities as part of the scope including integration with:

  • Legacy User profile databases
  • Project Management Application
  • Process Management (Workflow) software