Telstra, Bundled Business Package Delivery

Brief description of work undertaken:

IBSA’s customer is faced with unprecedented challenges in driving customer loyalty and revenue growth within their existing 690,000 SME segment of customers. The telecommunication landscape in Australia is entering a new era in competition, giving SMEs a broader range of alternative service providers to choose from. The traditional telecommunications model is being challenged.

A change is needed to reinvigorate revenue and growth and the challenge is to develop a new point of differentiation, through a new ‘packaging’ solution paradigm for mass market SMEs. Later on in the year, our customer will launch this initiative aiming to introduce a new model to move customers beyond ‘conventional’ product silo legacy solutions and into a new world of convergence across devices, networks and applications over IP.

Complexity of services:

IBSA’s team manages the outcomes of eight initiatives covering delivery of business solutions impacting 25 applications, to be delivered over two years. Specifically, the IBSA PMO manages the outcomes of each of the eight projects through the application enhancement delivery cycle including:

  • Requirements development – workshopping with business
  • Solution impacts assessment – with architects
  • Requirements assessment – with impacted IT work streams
  • Solution detailed design – with architects
  • Detailed requirements – with business
  • Detailed design
  • Vendor estimates
  • Support design & build

As well as these specifics, there are general tasks for which we have a shared responsibility with other teams, and the customer. These are:

  • Status Reporting
  • Manage issues (post release) to remediation or mitigation
  • Requirements traceability to IT solution
  • Provide IT integration with other streams of the program (eg process team)
  • Trouble shoot gaps in solution design (cross stream workshops, etc)