All IBSA’s service lines are dependant on Project Management and therefore all service offerings are integrated with this section of our practice. Managing stakeholders, monitoring risks, issues and progress, managing change, controlling scope and implementing appropriate governance structures are core activities in the delivery of our services.

IBSA’s approach to the delivery of these services is based on a centralised Program Management Office (PMO) and a departmental / regionalised Project Manager model.

This model delivers:

  • Centralised control and one interface point with the Customer as a whole.
  • Standard communications procedures between the Customer and the PMO
  • Robust common operating procedures across all customers. IBSA’s Quality Management System (QMS) will apply to all projects. The common PMO will ensure that the agreed procedures and the IBSA QMS are applied in a standard manner.
  • Guarantee that Project Managers maintain a comprehensive and current knowledge of current best practice policies and procedures

Further, the PMO is structured to ensure its personnel possess the knowledge, skills, tools and techniques necessary, that each program of work is appropriately defined, planned, implemented and integrated as required and personnel have appropriate experience in methodologies relevant to the services to meet each customer’s general requirements.

The PMO is responsible for ongoing training of IBSA staff in the processes implemented in support of Project Management activities, and for identifying and promoting service improvement opportunities.

The PMO is situated at IBSA’s office due to the close proximity to key stakeholders in Commerce and Government. The simple ability to have “face to face” communications, allows for a consistency in approach and ease of information exchange and data gathering.