SharePoint Document Management Solutions

IBSA recognise that organisations often need a full function, robust and efficient document management system operating within their SharePoint environment.

IBSA is an Australian partner of MacroView (, which is an internationally successful & world class document management system that completely leverages a Microsoft Office & SharePoint environment. MacroView is not an invasive system but a transparent layer above your SharePoint system, accessible from standard Microsoft Office applications with an intuitive interface.

MacroView only utilises and leverages standard functionality available from SharePoint enabling organisations to be confident of the long term integrity of their SharePoint environment.

MacroView DMF enables you to:

  • Perform all document management tasks in Outlook browse a tree-view of your SharePoint environment and drag and drop to save & classify emails and attachments
  • Provides “open from” & “save to” functions natively within Office applications and Acrobat Reader (for PDF management)
  • Deploy a solution that is built for very high volume document management with full support for versioning, legal holds, workflows, custom metadata, hierarchical taxonomies and much more
  • Provides support for bulk file moves
    • between SharePoint libraries preserving like metadata
    • from files shares with metadata support
  • Provides an enhanced security facility enabling users to easily secure documents while saving
  • Search your SharePoint document store in full-text or based on metadata from Outlook
  • Access SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010 document stores from Office 2003, 2007 or 2010
  • Maximise the return on your SharePoint investment — use the platform as more than just an intranet