A Total Solution Provider

Leveraging its extensive Leasing and Lending experience as well as capabilities developed in other industries (such as Government, Insurance, Superannuation – to name a few), we offer a comprehensive array of services to assist you. Whether you require an Enterprise Class solution or you are a niche player looking for a smaller solution that can grow with you, we are able to help.

Our services are grouped into 4 main practice areas:

Strategy & Planning
Analysis & Design
Delivery (incorporating consulting & development)
Hosting & Managed Services (incorporating FinanceManager Hosting and Support)

Our services matrix summarises our services and links to further details.

Within each practice areas we have specific Leasing & Lending expertise and knowledge. To illustrate this, below are some examples:

Accounting: IBSA counts a number of accountant within its ranks, who are well qualified to assist on matters concerning the accounting entries generated by FinanceManager and the interface and mapping to the General Ledger. We have worked with many top tier ERP systems (e.g. SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft and Mincom).

Banking: We are familiar with Banking systems and protocols necessary to implement the link between FinanceManager and your Bank for the purposes of all the Banking requirements of the system including: Processing Customer Direct Debits, Bpay and Direct Deposit for the payment of third parties including commission.

Credit: We are knowledgable in the Credit Assessment and Decisioning Process. Our consultants are able to advise on process and are fully conversant with bureau requirements and interfacing processes with the major bureaus (e.g. Veda, Dunn & Bradstreet). In fact, Veda is a customer for whom we have provided solutions relating to bureau reporting. They are also knowledgable in the areas of scorecard development and implementation.

Vehicle Reference Data: Having performed multiple implementations, we are able to assist with product selection and implementation of products such as RedBook and Glasses Guide.

Address Validation Services: Our consultants are well equipped to implement address validation solution from major providers (e.g. Sensis, Google, Others) to streamline the entry of customer address information, as well as, validate it at the point of entry.

Rescue: We help organisations get their product or project back on track if things are not running smoothly or after things have gone terribly wrong. The problem may be technical, commercial or management/process related. Many of our engagements have related to Leasing & Lending rescue.

Other Solutions that are integrated within our FinanceManager offering are:

Bespoke Development/Customisation   


Business Intelligence and Data                    

Web, Internet & eCommerce

Mobile Solutions

SharePoint Solutions