The Latest Internet & Mobile Technology

Our values dictate:

  • A long-term commitment to research and development of our products including the investigation and evaluation of emerging technologies and world’s best practice. IBSA constantly monitors and reviews its vision and strategic direction to ensure it continues to the leading edge.
  • A commitment to open standards, proven technology and proven methodology to ensure that all solutions are robust, reliable and flexible.
  • A commitment to maintaining our independence. IBSA chooses the best technology for the purpose and is not motivated financially or otherwise to use products from any single vendor.

Through FinanceManager, we have been true to these values and brought innovation to the market-place on a number of occasions: 

  • First web-based origination system for Automotive Finance in Australia
  • First end-to-end solution to be entirely browser-based (no installed software)
  • First end-to-end solution to be fully operational from a mobile device
  • FinanceManager is supported by a self-testing framework. This ensures that system is automatically tested every 30 minutes. Any issues or faults are immediately reported and remedied, leading to a quality level and robustness rarely seen.
  • Our solution operates effectively on all major operating systems (ie not just Windows or just Unix) and can also operate on multiple database servers.
  • In recent years, we have pioneered the use of the IP telephony and mobile phone as part of the Leasing & Lending process.
  • We continue to introduce new products that leverage technology in this industry segment

We are proud of our track-record over the past decade for ensuring that the FinanceManager suite leverages the latest technology platforms. This tradition has been continued with the release of our 2011/2012 releases.